Моё рабочее место


Спасибо Александру Матинскому, за изготовление подставок под краску.


Да, теперь я работаю с краской от Scale 75. На мой взгляд сейчас это лучшая краска для миниатюр. Чуть подробнее я напишу о ней позже.



Запись опубликована в рубрике Yarik miniatures с метками . Добавьте в закладки постоянную ссылку.

3 комментария на «Моё рабочее место»

  1. The scale paints look interesting to me. Once I moved from the old Humbrol Enamels, I started with the old Citadel paints (HMG Manufacture) but now use a big mix of old Citadel, mid-era and now new Citadel, VMC, VGC, VMA, Coat D’Arms, Reaper, Army Painter. Anything and everything I can get really, but more Vallejo than others today, I guess.

    I have not heard of Scale before seeing your articles today — Why do you feel that they are best? They also seem to have a lot of paint sets with guides, but I also see the large set:
    Does this have all of their paints? Does it include Inks set? And would you recommend it? (I see you have many Scale75s)

    • 100% matt colors. For me it is a defining factor.

      Now I work over small article in comparison of this paint with others. But I don’t know when I will finish it.

      In this set all paints from Scake 75 sets except metalics and inks.
      I think that you should try thise paints.

  2. Hm, since my models are used for wargaming (in theory) I always finish them with a separate Matt coat (Testors Dull Cote being one the best I find). So for me the paint consistency and shades are more important. Definitely interested very much in your article — I am most likely to buy a large set of all since I have never seen these ones available in Aust. Are the «Golden Series and «Steel Series» all of their metallics?
    Do you have any experience with their Inks/»Inktensity» set, or «Soil Works»?

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